Friday, 22 June 2012

Fashion Friday:: The Librarian

Oh crumbs! You've spotted me - I had a sneaky sleepover with the Art Teacher, and I'm racing to get all the books back on the shelf, plus the Dewey decimal system back in order before the first class.

What's this?! Your books are late! Well my friend. We all know what that means. Late fees. That's what.

We fellow librarians have got to stick together (just like the pages of some books - ergh). Don't return your books with dog ears. Don't bend the covers back on your paperbacks. And don't even think about talking in my library.


Dress: vintage - my Mum's frock. Man I love this frock.
Scarf: vintage
Belt: vintage
Tights: er don't know
Pencil: Freedom
Boots: Very old Costume National (my favourites)

Next week's theme::  Pirates. ARGH!


Dianne said...

Love the pencil in the hair look, very school librarian. Do you know the 80's Weird Al Yankovic movie "Conan the Librarian"? The only bit I can remember is when some kids can't find a particular book & he screams angrily at them "HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF THE DEWEY DCIMAL SYSTEM?!!!"

Dianne said...
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candice said...

I worked in libraries when I was a uni student and I would not be pulling your leg to say that some of my fellow library staff used to practise their Shhhhhhh's as they check in the books.

Michelle said...

Awesome Lexi! I love it, and I love that dress! The cuffs are fabulous!

Kara Schiffer said...

That last photo is hysterical!