Friday, 29 June 2012

An Anti-Ranty Tanty

I was talking with Andrea of Fox in Flats about the uprise in ranty blog posts.

I hate ranty blog posts. Andrea hates ranty posts. Do you hate ranty posts?

Hate. Them.

If you're in a bad mood. Sure. Write about it. Then delete it.

The negativity that seeps out from those posts is, as my friend Britney famously once said, toxic.

I feel so angsty about ranty posts, I've taken it upon myself to put pen to paper and pen this ode.

An Ode to Cranky Pants Super Social Media Stars:

Angry, cranky ranty-pants
Why so angry?
Tanty pants.
You go social
It goes viral
Down you go in a cranky spiral.
Megaphone blogger mega-cranks
Might as well call the army
- send in the tanks.
Share your bad mood
With the whole world.
Status update to Mr Z'berg
To tell the world it's a big turd
Share your mood with your blogging brood
You're so mad with the world -
Why not delete it?
Tweet your peeps
and let them know you've got the poops
I want out of these cranky groups.
Pin this, update that, tweet those, and
Facebook your foes
I dare you - breathe deep touch your toes.
Life ain't so bad you got to broadcast.


Kim-Marie said...

I adore this, you clever, clever girl!

Catherine Rodie Blagg (Cup of Tea and a Blog) said...

LOVE this!

Catherine Rodie Blagg (Cup of Tea and a Blog) said...

LOVE this!

Ms Styling You said...

I think we need backing music to this! Loved hanging with you the other night x

Renee | About a Bugg said...

Fabulous!! Love it!

Tam said...

Hallelujah and amen sister! I like my blog to be a little corner of happiness - if that means I'm living in a little ignorant bubble then so be it :)

Karen Williamson said...

Yes, nothing more depressing and uninspiring than a ranty tangy blogpost. Your poem= Ahmazing ha, loved it

Averil said...

Agree! I stopped following some blogs because of this. Get back on the train to positive town I say!

Mel - The Organic Mamas said...

love it! mel x

My Bearded Pigeon said...

Hmmm, I just wrote one! But I don't think it was about being in a bad mood- I dont like those ones either. Mine was my opinion about something that I ncare deeply about.

That being said, blogs that just have beautiful ( aka styled) pictures of perfect lives and perfectly styled children do my head in to.

I am all for the positive and for SOLUTIONS! Nice happy ones! oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAy TO YOU FOR TODAY LOVELY LEXI!! XX

Katie:: Grow.Cook.Sew. said...

That is awesome.. I agree that you need to put it to music (and then perhaps publish it on you tube!?)

I understand what you are saying but as someone who wrote depressing blog posts for almost a year after my little girl was stillborn.. and found SO much support and relief from the blog community and women who had been through the same thing, I think that sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved.

Also, if you just read happy posts all the time about how wonderful someones life is, doesn't it make you depressed when your kids are screaming, the pile of laundry is bigger than you and you have not even thought about what to make for dinner at 6.15pm!?
Haha .. maybe that's just me!

REread said...

ha ha

Sharon Smith said...

Very clever indeed. Enjoy reading your blog.

Shontelle said...

Love it!

Redcliffe Style said...

Excellent! I'm not a ranter either.