Thursday, 28 June 2012


Tomorrow is a big and beautiful day. My awesome Dad retires after 48 years. That's a huge achievement I do believe. Congratulations Dad!

I've been thinking about how very few people nowadays will ever be able to say that they've worked 48 years in one place. I certainly can't.

And I've been thinking about how... odd retirement must be. But also like a fresh breath of air. A new and fresh adventure awaits you.

Tomorrow is also my birthday. As Nan so eloquently stitched on to this crown - Let the wild rumpus start!

What shall one wear on one's birthday? Besides a birthday suit. Inspiration, puh-lease.


om said...

I think you need a full queen of hearts-esque outfit.

REread said...

A mascot outfit .. Like a big chicken suit.

katiecrackernuts said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow. And that crown. I recognised that stitching. She's a clever one that Nan.

shine little light* said...

That crown is AWESOME! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous lady! xsx