Thursday, 21 June 2012

Clive James

Saddened to read that Clive James has said that he believes he's lost his battle with leukemia, it made me think of his rich, almost iconic voice.

Such a clever, witty and intelligent man. I vividly remember being transfixed by him. Laughing out loud before anyone LOLed.

I had a bit of an obsession with The Clive James show in high school, and loved him. I kept coming back for more.

I just had to find this clip of Margarita Pracatan performing on The Clive James show back in 1996. In fact, I watched this just a couple of months ago because I often think of Margarita Pracatan. I know. My mind is an unusual place.

From essays, poetry to reviews, the man has a wonderful way with words. I think that's why I was drawn to him.

Looking for some Clive James clever-ness? Here. Here. And here.


Kirsty said...

Saddened to read this post as I too loved Clive James and remember going on a family holiday to Surfers with one of his books to read.. oh how cool I was. But oh so very happy to be reminded of Margarita Pracatan! Brings back great memories.

BuBbles said...

Oh that's so sad, I didn't even realise he was ill.

You did make me remember that I used to watch his show with my parents and I fondly recall Pracatan :)

Partito y Monito said...

I often think of Margarita Pracatan too! Poor old Clive. His show was ace!