Friday, 1 June 2012

Fashion Friday:: The Wedding Singer (AKA Bridesmaids)

Holler! It's Fashion Friday where we get to play dress ups for a day.

This week's theme was tied in with one of the gals in the office getting hitched this weekend.

So what did I pull out of my wardrobe to conjure a mega-watt wedding singer? Why this leopard print, halter-neck, backless cat suit of course. What else would I wear?!

And my hair? Drawing inspiration from Jane Bennett of Pride and Prejudice fame meets 80s cabaret star - it contained way too much hair spray and some ridiculous curls as executed by my largely unused curling irons.

That bottle of Veuve? Well it would be crass to be holding a bottle of Passion Pop at 11am, right?!

There's a common theme eventuating: leopard print. I didn't realise I had more in my wardrobe. Et voila! Hey presto - cougar on tap.

Check out the other players of Fashion Friday over yonder in my blog roll. Want to play too? Next week's theme is: JUBILEE. Time to dig out your tiara baby.


Shontelle said...

Love it. I wish I had your collarbone!

Anonymous said...

Lovely leopard indeed!!

Challenge completed cap'tn

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I LOVE Fashion Friday!!!

Christina Lowry said...

You're too funny lady! Love it! I could not pull that outfit off, so you have my admiration indeed. Looking forward to your Jubilee choice. Hoping there is some sort of mad hattery involved. :)