Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hellz YEAH!:: New Sussan

Draw your chair up nice and close to the computer, because you have to listen up.

There I was this afternoon, just checking out what was happening on Facebook (not much) until Sussan popped up in my feed.

All I heard was a blasting chorus of 'Halleluljah!' - and I was hooked. (Or maybe I imagined it. Either way, it was hot.)

And what was that I spied? Pops of yellow. A glimpse of a neon yellow lining coupled with stripes.

Hot. Or HOT!?

Remember when I did that sponsored post with Sussan? Well that jacket is definitely, hands-down my favourite piece in my wardrobe at the moment. And the jeans? I wear them all. The. Time. I get loads of compliments on both pieces.

So you're thinking - yes, yes PMM, another sponsored post. Well hellz no! This is me, telling you out of the pure goodness of my heart, giving you a royal heads up - hot foot it into Sussan. I love the look of some of these jackets that are going to be SO perfect for work. I don't do corporate. I do do colour.

Here are my top 5 picks from Sussan from this new injection:

1. Printed pant - get onboard to one of the hottest trends right now. These are fab!
2. Sequin top - I love sparkle - morning, noon or night. Gimme gimme sparkle.
3. Lady Cape - big loving the colour and look of a classic trench - with a modern twist. And it's called a lady cape. For all superhero women.
4. Textured crop jacket - for months I have been looking for a jacket to wear to work. Something that looked smart, but not too corporate. I think I just met my match
5. Tailored blazer - in this sunshine yellow. Well I can just pretend it's not pouring with rain and frizzling cold when I put this on. Maybe this one's the answer to my jacket dreams.


Sarah Jane - lollymixedbag said...

Oh I love that skirt. I think I must have it.

Carli (Tiny Savages) said...

I got their email update and I was almost tempted to blog about it - how cute are those printed pants! I loved the navy blue and yellow blazers too.