Wednesday, 13 June 2012

So. It's Wednesday. I Am Ready To Talk. Sort Of. (Also Known As the Most Vague Blog Post Ever)

It is true. It is Wednesday.

Life is a funny thing. Isn't it?

When you think one thing will go one way, it goes the other. When you expect something, it will turn itself on its head - anything to not happen.

I am not going to lie. Life, these last few months, has been... Interesting. It's been a difficult and sometimes tumultuous ride. A ride that I have thought - hellz bellz, I want it to stop.

You know, I know, Sydney sucks me dry. I struggle with it. On one hand, I really love it. It's a beautiful city that offers so much. And on the flipside, it's like a bad friend that takes and takes and what does it give me? Expensive living costs.

Are you lost? Yes. Me too. Is this cryptic? Gosh. I hope not. There's nothing I loathe more than cryptic blog posts.

But all I really want to share is this, this is your take-away from this blogging session:
just when you think the chips are down - you can turn the beat around.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Tree Change? Sea Change?

Laurie Laizure said...

I live in a smaller city in the US and city life, in general, takes it out of you. Whether it's costs, crime, overcrowded schools, or general places of ugly sometimes the bene's of culture, restaurants, shops, diversity is just not enough to want to stay. I am thinking about making the move to the 'burbs.

Mrs Smith said...

What's the plan? It would be great to see happy days for you, hope they are on their wzy.

teddybearswednesday said...

perhaps you should move to melbs. I think it needs you and you need it perhaps.
HOpe things start being a bit easy and happier on your end xo

shine little light* said...

Come to the country it's lovely! *wink* All the best my dear. *s*

Karen said...

And now I have that song stuck in my head, probably will be there for the next couple of days 'turn the beat around' .

Reannon Hope said...

Our lives sound very similar right now Lexie. I keep telling myself it'll get better because it will....won't it?

Luna said...

Ha! We've been having these thoughts too. Even more so since our electricity bill came in. It was a massive WTF?! moment. I love Sydney too, but I just don't know anymore.

Lois said...

Hey Lexi!
I hope that everything turns around in the right direction for you.
I am sending positive thoughts and good vibes your way.
Thanks for the connection to "Turn the beat around". It is one of my favorite songs and singer.
Have a great rest of the week.

Mrs Woog said...

Sweet lody I know exactly where you are coming from. X

Mumdeep said...

Sing that tune Sista!! I feel exactly the same way. Stupid drivers, always stuck in traffic even when just going down the road, paying a fortune for somebody else's mortgage!! Even driving the kids to school and seeing the surf doesn't do it for me anymore.

Not a vague post at all - I know exactly where you are coming from. ;)

Hazel said...

I'll keep an eye out for a job and a little cottage for you ;)