Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I Fell Off

Remember when I was really into walking? How I was getting my exercise on and walking with my elderly friends?

I am loathe to declare - I fell off the bandwagon.

After the chair fell onto my foot - just before Easter, I ebbed away from walking. I think I turned into some sort of man - refused to go the doctor, hellz no. I knew it was useless - if you break a bone in your foot, well there's not a lot you can do. I know this because I have broken two toes before and just had to suffer in my jocks. So I hobbled through it, and have only just regained full bending rights of my big toe.
I know. This stuff is what blog posts are made of. Dreamy material Lexi.

But it poses a problem for me. My foot is still not 100% right. And I haven't been walking since.

When I was walking I felt so good. I could feel myself getting fitter, I could feel my body feeling tighter. It was such a great feeling - and it gave me more energy.

I was in this great habit of getting up early - before everyone in the family, I snuck out under the cover of half-darkness, and walked.

Now? I struggle to get out of bed. To drag my sorry ass out of bed and go walking. I fell off the horse - and now I don't know how to get back on.

Hints? Thoughts? Prodding? All are welcome.

And the Fat Boy Slim clip? Yes. Not sure. It made me think of power walkers for some reason..?!


Partito y Monito said...

Set the alarm when you've got a forecast for a fine day and therefore no weatherly excuse not to get up!

Then try valiantly to lurch out of bed, have all your gear at the foot of the bed or somewhere else practical, waiting for you, and you almost guilt yourself into doing it.

Worth a crack, anyways! It worked for me ...(once!)

Michelle said...

Oh I love this film clip! I'd forgotten all about it - thanks for sharing! I'm going to dust off my FBS cd and do some Spike Jonze moves around the house right now!

Sorry about your foot, that's bad news. Have you read the book born to run? A lot of my friends have read it and it totally inspired them to get out and exercise. Their all doing really long runs now. They used the app Couch to 6k to get started...maybe there's a walking one?


Michelle said...

Oh cripes, I made a grammatical error...I meant they're instead of their....

Mumdeep said...

Three words - Just do it! Sorry to take Nike's slogan, but it's true, just do it! You know the first time you do it how excellent you are going to feel, just take that first step (pun fully intended) - get up and do it! xx

shine little light* said...

sounds like physio for you and your sorry foot my dear... its winter... its hard - im off the band wagon to right now and am hating my sorry wobbly ass because of it! *s*

Mrs Sabbatical said...

Get yourself a moon boot, all the cool kids have them.

I stopped walking &running because my foot and left it for abt 6mths so just get an X-ray and then you know.

So posts about feet injuries are not great blog material, few, I am stuffed then x