Friday, 8 June 2012

The Positivity Parade

I don't know about you, but more and more I see this quagmire of negativity and hate being rained down on people on Facebook. It's becoming an ugly place where people use it as a springboard to whinge and whine about what you didn't get. What happened to me? Poor me! Boo hoo!

Seriously. What happened to you to leave a trail of demoralising comments.

It's crippling.

Someone on the other end of the interwebz is receiving your negativity - and they have to deal with it. Negativity can be crippling.

Today I'm making it the International Day of the Positivity Parade. Let your good will shine! Let it shine! Leave a trail of positive comments on Facebook today! For friends. For companies. For everyone. I'm officially sick of the hate brigade.

There is more power in the Positivity Parade.

PS - Photo? Fab things for today: pink pens make me positively perky, stripey beauty bag - perfectly punchy, Donna Hay twine - because it's precisely peppy, and the photo is me posing at a Toni&Guy launch last night. More on that later because it's perfectly good news all 'round.


ally said...

I love perky, positive, pinky posts
Yay for you

teddybearswednesday said...

I"m with you marching on the Parade. I don't understand this sort of negative behaviour. Honestly do people have no feelings? Are they that insecure that the only way to make them feel better is to make someone else feel like crap!! I simply don't understand this meaness.
YAY For you INDEED!!! xo

toni said...

I am starting to loathe facebook.
I am barely there because it's quite frankly... well soul destroying.
It is a dumping ground.
I love Instagram. People are happy and the pictures are fun and make me smile.

Jasmine said...

I just saw your new header. It's great! And I think you're pretty tops, too!

My Bearded Pigeon said...

I hear ya sista and I support positivity and online niceness. x

Easy Peasy Kids said...

Wow so happy to see some positivity :) its's been a not very nice few weeks on FB and this morning was yuck
I'll be adding you to my :) list of blogs x

Hip Brown said...

Love your work!

tea with lucy said...

Hardly recognised you with your spunky new header.

I ditched facebook a few weeks back and it feels SO GOOD. Blogland lifts me up, facebookland was getting me down.

rachel x