Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tiny Style Tips:: Socks On, Socks Off

It is a red letter day indeed.

Straight to the top of the style stakes goes Tiny - wearing, for possibly the first time in about three years - socks.

Those things you and I take for granted and wear many days, are the same things that disgust her - as do stockings, tights and leggings.

But today - a revelation.

Perhaps it was the chilly weather. Perhaps it was the yearning for cotton under her toes. Or maybe it was just the need for hot pink with gold - Bollywood style.

But whatever it is. Tiny is wearing socks today. And she told me to tell the world girls.


Norbyah said...

okay, first cute are those hot pink socks, esp with the gold shoes. she's a girl after my own heart....i wore red socks with my heels the other day. and second, whoa! when did i miss your new header??? fab! love it!

Katie:: Grow.Cook.Sew. said...

Don't worry.. Sophie had a sleep over at her aunties house last week and in the morning her aunty asked if she had socks with her and Sophie replied "No, my parents have never bought me socks" !!!
We were all in hysterics for days.. the poor deprived thing.. imagine having no socks.. EVER! (Not true of course).

Tom took Sophie to Cotton On kids and let her chose a whole bunch of socks.. they have pink and gold stripy socks! Maybe tiny will take a liking to them?!

candice said...

Tiny, yes! Socks are so now. Loving. And Jiffies. My shoe of choice. Resplendent.

Luna said...

Don't worry our two-year old hates anything remotely 'warming' - socks, beanies, jumpers. Our cold floorboards have taught him a lesson.