Tuesday, 31 July 2012

ETSY Success: DIY PR

Watch live streaming video from etsy at livestream.com

It feels like long ago, but remember when I spoke at ETSY Success as part of the Vivid Festival?  I promised I would post when my video had gone live on the ETSY site. And well.. I've arrived.

Now you can relish in how truly dorky I am. Truly. Dorky.

I can't watch myself because it is excruciatingly cringe-worthy. But I'll post it so you might be able to glean some PR tips if you need them...

Ok so this is me, with Jo Walker, the Editor of Frankie Magazine. Please keep in mind that just moments before going on stage, I was tempted to get in the lift and disappear for the afternoon.

You can thank ETSY for this video.


candice said...

Dude! You are smashing!!! And rockin' those Mavi jeans. Yee-haw!!

candice said...

And I just totes spat copious !!! all over your blog. Sorry.

Michelle said...

You are gorgeous and articulate and not dorky at all!


toni said...

I don't see a dork only a foxy lady.
You are very clever and speak beautifully.
I would die.
You go girl!

Kelly HTandT said...

Hi, new follower here :)
Be proud! I love it! Thanks for sharing. There's a clip of me on ABC's Lateline floating around the interwebs and I can't watch it either, it's so hard watching yourself!

Mon Alisa Design said...

You were great Lexi! I was so disappointed that I couldn't go to Etsy Success and felt that I missed out on a great opportunity to learn more about PR. This is fantastic to watch. Such great tips. Thankyou!

P.S. You're earrings are AWESOME.

Rowantree Design said...

Hello Lexi, What I liked most was your style, very layback, articulate and confident and you looked fabulous. Sitting here with my daughter (who works for large PR compnay in NYC) laughing our socks off, going red in the face with embarassment. Those poor monkeys!

Little Paper Trees said...

you were great. x

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed it listening the presentations. I run a not for profit sustainability orgsanisation, so we're always wanting low cost tips for marketing and PR.

We're very lucky to have written an article for Frankie in the past
Green Renters

Quirky Rose Harissa said...

Hi Lexi
Thank you for posting this video; gained a lot from it. I truly believe everything boils down to good manners and excellent customer services in business.
Warm regards
Abi (Quirky Rose Harissa)

Luna said...

you did really well + you looked great too.

Brenda Lui said...

Thanks for the link, I really loved the all the info and advice you both gave, will be very helpful.

CurlyPops said...

Thankyou Lexi! I've had your video sitting in my inbox forever to remind me to get moving.
I've finally made the time, and took the advice and sent in a submission to Frankie. Fingers crossed.
PS - not dorky at all - totally gorgeous.