Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Happy Mandela Day:: Ladies, This Is Your Call To Action

Today is Mandela Day.

What does this mean? For 67 years Nelson Mandela has dedicated his life on working to correct human actions that have led to poverty. Nelson Mandela continues to fight the good fight and change the world.

Today, to celebrate Nelson Mandela's 67 years, Dermalogica are hoping you can direct microloans to women who need a hand. You can be a change maker in the click of a button. All the loans are fully funded already - all you have to do is click to make someone's life completely different.

Please go online by midnight today - we're trying to direct 670 microloans today!

Did you know
* 66% of the world's work is done by women, yet...
* 70% of people below the poverty line are women
* 1% of the world's land is owned by women

You can learn more here about the important role Dermalogica is playing in helping women in poverty and empowering women entrepreneurs. Their joinFITE community and initiative has already funded over 14,000 women and businesses.

Click here to play your role in directing a loan. It takes seconds to make a change!

Together we can empower 670 women around the world who are less fortunate than ourselves to make changes to their lives. That's pretty damn powerful. GO!

* I have put so many links in here to make it as easy as possible to click through and change a woman's life.

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