Friday, 3 August 2012

A Tiny Recap

 One day not long ago I said to Matt that I was looking forward to Tiny starting school. For the simple reason that we would no longer have a tussle over what she will wear that morning. Nevermind the fact I'll be a sobbing mess, rueing the day my baby went off to school.

The truth is, I am not looking forward to Tiny starting school. Everyone knows that as soon as small children start school, it fast tracks them to growing up even quicker.

I need to have another baby.

Tiny lay in bed with me the other morning, curled up in my arms. I was sleep drunk and just wanted to snooze, despite the incessant shrill of my alarm telling me otherwise. Tiny rolled over and told me my breath was stinky.

On Thursday Tiny and I went to see the Doctor at his school as part of Education Week. Tiny sat on my lap throughout the very long concert, then told me she wanted to whisper in my ear. I leant forward, "Mum, your breath smells."

It's love. And halitosis.

Friday is the day Tiny goes to the new daycare/preschool thing. I have been in strong denial that she even goes there. This morning she cried and cried because she didn't want to go. I held my wee one in my arms and told her it was just for a short time, and that she'd have fun.

During the day I thought of her, me at work, her at a new place full of new faces. I tried to call to check on her but no one answered.

Matt texted me later that afternoon to say he had picked Tiny up. She'd even told him she'd had a fun day.


This makes me think I have bad breath. I hate bad breath. Moving forward I will not breath on anyone.


Cindy said...

OMG I hear you, and feel exactly the same! EXACTLY, well minus the bad breath of course

Victoria said...

I will be a sobbing mess, lucky I waited a little to have baby 2 so I'll have her in my arms while I become a sobbing mess.
Have also been told I have stinky breath & hair.

Luna said...

Oh no, not you too? I had been thinking about this alot since my birthday last month. I'm voting for sleep though, sorry.

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

we've had the pre school saddies too. Oh man, it's the hardest. I even considered taking Zeph out last monday. Fortunately it passes quickly.... and then begins again with each term :(

Hope it passes quickly for you too pottymouth.


Mrs Sabbatical said...

Hope you are doing ok, new starts are stressful for all.

I was working with some gorgeous kids the other day at school.... Was told my breath was stinky.

Now I just always have loose tic tacs in my pocket.

The kids are still cute and my breath not so stinky x