Monday, 20 August 2012

Florals + Brights = WINNER!

Bold floral prints, bright colour, print and pattern clashing. Never has a 78 year old Australian woman looked so beautiful. Because that's how old Sussan is. Pretty hot right?!

And so the love affair continues.

As soon as I saw this dress on Sussan's Facebook page - I knew I had to have it. A Warhol-esque print in a timeless shift - perfect to slip on for work, and a great transeasonal piece - just throw on a cardi! Never before has a dress procured so many compliments (this one's a similar shape, or if you too really love the print, you can get it in this shirt).

And Tiny loves it too (we were both wearing bold florals so we had to be photographed together.)

If you're into frocks, you should most definitely try this one - it has a beautiful ombre of cream to a very pale petal pink at the hem. And it has POCKETS!! YES! I love frocks with pockets! I am still unconvinced I don't need this one.

Being a big fan of being comfortable, I had to try on these pants. Talk about comfortable. I probably could have gone down a size, but I like the less fitted feel - and don't tell anyone - but they have an elasticated back which is perfectly suited to long lunches (which I never seem to go on - but it doesn't stop me dreaming). Couple it with this punchy hibiscus knit - well hello ladies! I am not one to shy away from the bold and the beautiful, and this marriage of print and colour is a marriage made in heaven (and ridiculously comfortable). Plus that hue teamed with my pink lipstick - yes please!

I could bang on and on about the new Summer Collection from Sussan - but without doubt, they've filled a void in the fashion terrain for women who want smart, accessible fashion.
If you've not been into Sussan for a while - the time is nigh.

Epilogue: I have discovered that my husband really detests taking my photo. I asked him to take these shots for me, and he resisted at first, then succumbed to my charms. However I did have to ask him to reshoot given he was in such a hurry to have it over and done with, they were all blurry.
He likes drawing me. But hates photographing me. I've come to the conclusion that: when he draws me, I have to sit very, very still and not talk. But when he takes photos of me, I talk and I move.

* This is a sponsored post.  I was given a $100 Sussan gift voucher, and then I went a little nuts and paid the difference. And yet I am still dreaming about what lies within Sussan. Honesty is my only policy. I tried it. I liked it. I wanted to share.


Anonymous said...

Looking great girls! Love the big glasses on your little girl, haha. :)

shine little light* said...

pink lips + orange top = babetastic. xsx

Norbyah said...

oh my gorgeous! what a sweet duo you are. love tiny's sunnies and your black and white pants.

Suzie from said...

Love the looks. I saw the floral dress in Sussans and thought it looked fab, but looks even better on. Loving the black cuff with the orange top as well. Might have to head back in store for another looksee!