Sunday, 9 September 2012

Best Beauty Buys:: Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer

Before kids, I had ample time to use whatever beauty products I wanted to. I had heaps of time. I used primer, foundation, powders, blush, eyeliner, mascara, the whole kit and kaboodle.

Then I had a newborn in my arms, and struggled with even applying mascara, let alone some days fitting a shower into my day.

And now, I've got a bit more time up my sleeve - but I don't really need it. Not with this primer. Man I wish this had been around when my babies were newborns. Why, you may ask. Well listen up, because I am going to tell you.

I hadn't used a primer for many, many years. I came to the conclusion that moisturiser + foundation was ample. And that's all I had time for. But this primer? Aye carumba. For a natural look, I'd wear this instead of a foundation - as a tint, and the feel of it is velvety. Don't believe me? Trust me. Velvety goodness.

I've been using it every. single. day for the entire month of August. Which is rare for me, because generally I change up my beauty routine daily. But this is non-negotiable.

So each morning I shower, cleanse, moisturise, then prime. The finish is so smooth, plus it evens out skin tone and texture, and gives me a really awesome base for my foundation, plus it enhances luminosit and radiance. I don't have to work hard to get an even application of foundation - it just applies so smoothly. And if I wanted to wear this alone - it gives a nice sheer coverage that lasts the whole day.

I am one of those people that hates wearing sunscreen daily - despite the fact I know I should (hello ageing skin) - I don't like the feeling. Another plus is this contains SPF30, White Tea polyphenols (these help delay collagen damage) it's free of artificial colour or scent (it has a FAB lavender smell - yum). Definitely a big win going in to summer (but really, yes, yes I know I should be wearing sun protection year 'round).

In a snapshot:
  • It provides an even, smooth finish - plus a slight tint
  • Makes application of foundation super easy, luminises skin, and is long-lasting
  • Contains SPF30 - so if you're time poor and hate the feeling of sunscreen, this is doing double-duty
  • Has a velvety look and feel (Marilyn Monroe used to apply hormone cream to her face to enhance hair growth on her face to give her that luminescent look she had in photos. Please don't do that, you can use this instead for a similar and hair-less result)
  • RRP $79 (might seem expensive, but I've been using mine for over a month and I still have heaps in the tube. Probably will last 3-4 months depending on how heavy your useage is)

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review - however I had no obligation to do so. I will only tell you about products I genuinely love and use. Honesty is after all the best policy. I use it, I love it, I wanted to share.


Lady Moss said...

Great! I'm looking for a new primer I can't do without it either and tried Laura Mercer recently and it blew my face up ouch. Will def give this a try.

monique's mess said...

love dermalogica , the TAFE-hair and beauty school I go to for facials uses it. I get the worlds most luxurious facial at bargain basement prices. Lucky you sampling such goods