Sunday, 30 September 2012

Frocktober: Prep Time!

I am madly collating my wardrobe of dresses for this year's Frocktober. It kicks off tomorrow. I'm a little bit excited. Who wouldn't be? A month of wearing dresses? Well actually, last year I struggled a little, but it was worth it. I raised almost $2000 - and this year I am hoping to thrash that total and raise even more for research into ovarian cancer. 

So over the next month be prepared for:
- a heck of a lot of frock talk
- me cavorting around in my 31 different frocks - yes that's right, I'm going gangbusters with 31 different frocks
- and a call to arms - if you can spare $5 I will be so grateful! Please consider sponsoring me this month for Frocktober


Mrs Sabbatical said...

What a fab effort & I can't wait o see all yr fab frocks! x

Rachel K said...
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Rachel K said...

Loved your frock posts last year. Is a fantastic cause to support and I will most certainly sponsor you. You rock the frock Lexi.

Hannah said...

Cant wait to see all your dresses, the daggy ones you wear at home too!!