Friday, 12 October 2012

Day 12:: Frocktober - Stop The Frock - I Want To Get Off

gif criar
You know, it's snowing in Armidale and you can feel the chill in the air from here in Sydney. It's frizzling for shizzle. However cold it gets, I'm frocking up. But you and I both know, right at this moment I am yearning for a big woolly knit and some jeans. 

Oh baby it's cold outside, but in this blog, right here - we've got some movers and shakers who have sponsored me to the sweet tune of over $1600 - thank you so much! I really appreciate every dollar that's donated - and if you're thinking about it $5 is all it takes! You can sponsor me here.

So frocks it is!

Today's outfit:
- vintage Aquascutum trench from the oppie
- vintage dress was my Mum's - hi Mum! I love this dress
- Country Road rollneck. Because it's so freaking cold
- Costume National boots
- MimCo scarf
- Mum's belt. Again.

In Australian one woman dies every 10 hours from ovarian cancer. The key to changing this statistic and giving women with ovarian cancer a better long-term outlook is early detection. Together we can kick ovarian cancer to the kerb. Check out Frocktober here

PS - Clearly I'm having a moment with gifs. I'm sorry but I'm not apologising for my gif love. 


Lady Moss said...

Would a "frock coat" count? Then you could technically wear jeans!

Monique Salloum said...

You could feel it cos its snowing here in the blue mountains. 25cm in leura! Crazy times I tell you. Keep it up Lexi. nearly half way there.