Thursday, 11 October 2012

Day 11:: Frocktober - Call The Frocking Doctor - I Want My Jeans

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Oh man. It's cold and miserable in Sydney right now. And I am sick. Couple cold and miserable (x2) with sick = I want my jeans. Or pyjama pants. And bed. 

But I can't just do that. I'm committed to Frocktober and I want to raise as much money as I can to help fund research into ovarian cancer. So sunray pleats it is. And it paid off. A stranger called out to me today and told me I looked lovely. I was a bit dumbfounded. I'm sick. I'm cold. And I want my mum jeans. (Although Mum I'd love to see you too, goes without saying.)

Tiny opted for broiderie anglaise and some gumboots. A classic combo in anyone's books, I'm sure. 

Today's outfit:
- vintage dress
- Country Road cardi
- *that* belt (Moges, you see that?)
- Country Road shoes
- MimCo sunglasses
- Elk necklace

There's still time to sponsor me! We're fundraising baby! To date 258 fundraisers have raised $83,334.87. Frock on ladies!


lisa :: the red thread said...

It was worth it - one of the best Frocktober looks to date in my books. Obviously that stranger agrees. I have that same Elk necklace - one of many Elks I own.
Get better. x

Anastasia said...

Gorgeous love this look bu yes!! chilly in sydney today. hope you feel better soon!

Ellen Koshalnd said...

Oh poor Lexi, i feel your pain ( can't you just pop some pants on under your frocK)
but you both look smashing. I think gumboots and little dresses will be the next big thing.
I've said it before and Ill say it again, that Tiny, she's got style ( from her mum) xo

Jess said...

OH Lexi i feel your pain! ( can't you just pop on a piar of pants under the frock)
I'm with Lisa though, today's my favourite so far. you both look stunning. I seriously think gumboots and little frock will be the next thing. She's got style that girl, clearly inherited from her ma xo

monalisadesign said...

Oh darling girl, you must be freezing your jatz off!. Your doing a wonderful job lovely :)

weebirdy said...

I love this outfit. Frocks and cardis are such a sweet combo. Now go and have a nice cuppa and get back under the duvet!

weebirdy said...

p.s. love Tiny's posing. She's a natural. X

Alexis Neaman Roberts said...

Hooray for Frocktober! I sponsored you all the way from New York, in the hopes that would feel less miserable!

Norbyah Nolasco said...

i love tiny's poses. she reminds me of my two girls who like to do their own blog poses....

Sophie Kurylowicz said...

This outfit is Bonza. You are a babe. Even if you are a cold coldy one. *s*