Monday, 15 October 2012

Day 15:: Frocktober - Is That Wedding Bells I Hear?

Oh sweet love! Tiny proposed to me today. Almost newd, on the footpath, with a cigar box and a vintage diamante necklace. She's a little bit avant garde, a little bit cray cray - but my Lord. I love that girl like there's no tomorrow. 

Rather than donning my wedding dress today (I couldn't bear full length all day - sorry to disappoint) I went a little bit bridal with this vintage number I picked up at the Bondi markets approximately 203 years ago. 

The woman in the know, Kelly Doust, tells me it's an 80s rehash of a 20s shape. And who am I to argue. 

And my oh my, I love this frock. So floaty and feminine. Much like the nightie I wore as a veil ( Does my bun look big in this?), and then Tiny wore as her frock. 

Today's outfit:
- vintage frock from Bondi markets
- Country Road cropped cardi
- vintage diamante necklace
- my wedding earrings
- Trenery heels (I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, the only company to make shoes that fit me)
- And Tiny is wearing a vintage nightie that I do believe once was worn by my Mum (thanks Mum!)

Thank you to ALL OF MY AMAZING sponsors. I am so stoked that we have hit over $1800 - and we're only half way. I am truly chuffed and will stay away from my jeans! It's hard work! It truly is! 

Can you spare $5 and help me stay out of jeans for Frocktober? All funds go towards ovarian cancer research. 


Hazel said...

Who could resist such a proposal?

anastasia said...

adorable!!! gorgeous little 'wedding' photo shoot!!