Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Day 16:: Frocktober - I'm In The 'Hood And I Need A Snood

We are over half way people. Past the point of no return. I'm into Frocktober and there's no turning back. I'm very grateful that so many people have sponsored me so far. You are ace. 

If you're thinking about it (and it is tax deductible, and it does accept PayPal), you can go here. It's super duper easy and all funds go towards research into ovarian cancer. Currently there is no screening - and every  10 hours one Australian woman dies from it. 

Are you sick of seeing my frocks? Bored by my vintage goods and chattels? Only 15 days to go lovers!

Today I totes went feminine, and as Matt said, I reinvented myself with a very rustic 40s 'do that came to me after a discussion with Christina of Hair Romance fame, and Candice at Super Kawaii Mama. Thanks ladies for the tips. It was done while sitting in the traffic, sans tools, 5 bobby pins and with my hands. 

How you like me now?

Today's outfit:
- my sister's awesome vintage frock
- earrings - a gift from my lover
- Country Road sandals from last season


jess said...

totally gorgeous Lex, my favourite yet! xo

ejorpin said...

I frocking ADORE this frock! I say - more frocks, please!

mel said...

You look really beautiful PMM.

anastasia said...

gorgeous smile! love this dress...pretty pretty!