Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Day 24:: Frocktober - I Say Gatsby. You Say Potato.

Well we are on the home straight party people. Only 7 days until I am free to get back into my denim. I know it's going to feel odd. It did last year. So let's take this thing home. Let's raise as much money as we can.

You might be thinking, well I can't, or what difference will $5 make? It does make a difference! Every bit counts. Every bit helps. 

I'd really, really, really love you to sponsor me this Frocktober

Today's outfit:
- dress - EP by Easton Pearson
- shoes by Trenery
- vintage necklace
- Charleston - our own


Candice said...

You're a dapper flapper Lexi! Looking smashing xx

Bianca said...

I'm in awe at how much money you've raised Lexi. You're a bloody legend! xx