Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Day 31:: Frocktober VS Halloween - BOO!

So, just in case you've never tuned in to PMM before, today marks the last day of this thing I did, this thing called Frocktober

Frocktober you say? Or actually, I said it. Yes. Frocktober. What is it? Well this year (my second year) I wore 31 different frocks for the 31 days of October. Hence it's Frocktober.

What the frock for?

To raise much needed funds for ovarian cancer research. Currently there is no screening test. It's a fun way of supporting a very serious cause.

I've broken the barrier of the $3,500 mark - thank you to each and everyone of my sponsors for your awesome support. I am so thrilled! 

It's not too late to sponsor me either! Visit here if you're keen. Every dollar helps!

Today's outfit:
- vintage Simona frock
- orange tarantula - from the Halloween shop
- my own make-up - what?!
- Country Road sandals

1 comment:

Kelly said...

yay! For me tomorrow it's PANTS ON!!!