Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Day 9:: Frocktober - Florals And I Lost My Voice. Again.

This morning I woke up to something exciting. No voice. And that, in case you didn't detect it, in all its rank-ness, was sarcasm.

How many times this year have I lost my voice? Too. Bloody. Many.

But onwards I went! And what better way to lift my spirits than with a pop of colour and a pomp of florals - ahh yes, my very favourite Sussan shift. Now that's more like it. 

And yet, still no voice. Who knows, tomorrow it might be back and I can, like, actually enjoy a conversation with someone. Wouldn't that be fancy?!

Today's outfit:
- Sussan shift
- Vintage coat
- you know very well where the belt is from
- Country Road ballet flats

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Massive thank you to all my sponsors who have donated already - you are, each and every one of you - GEMS!


mrs moore said...

Love, Love , LOVE love, LOOOOOOOVVVVE!

Reannon Hope said...

Best outfit yet Lexi!!! Love it xx

Sophie Kurylowicz said...

Ohhh this is my fave outfit so far! Bam!