Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What's Not To Love About A Quiff

Back in the day, when I wore a younger girl's shoe, I used to love making my hair really big. Like really, really big (not too dissimilar from the above images). I had a mantra and the mantra was this:

"The higher the hair, the closer to God."

It wasn't my mantra, I didn't craft it, instead, I stole it and lived and breathed it. I loved having massive hair. It was my thing. Just as Anna Wintour has a Lego style bob, I had massive hair. 

Sometimes my friends tried to flatten it down a bit, but I was devoted to that big hair, and if I had a few too many sherbets, it'd grow even bigger. I loved that big hair. In fact, maybe I'll bring it back.

It was with great delight that this week I received news of how to get the 'masculine quiff' from Vivienne Westwood's show - as created by Sam McKnight for Pantene. A little less big, a lot more rock 'n' roll.

Let's take a look shall we? And then this week I can have a go at recreating it. Since, like, my hair is so much longer than it's been for a while (don't tempt me Michelle Williams - no paparazzi shots please!). If you try this 'do - upload a pic to the PMM Facebook page so I can marvel at your coiffing prowess. 

Get the look – masculine quiff:

1. Always start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner provides the perfect base for this look.
2. Apply an ample amount of Pantene Pro-V Body Builder Mousse to damp or dry hair. Blow dry hair away from the face.
3. Clip away the top section of hair leaving hair in place each side from the arch of the eyebrow downwards.
4. Apply Pantene Pro-V Intensive Damage Repair Oil into the two side sections and using a fine toothcomb to smooth out the hair pull the two side sections together and secure at the back of the head.
5. Release the top section of hair and blow dry using your fingers to lift the roots and give you even more volume.
6. Remove hair elastic at back of the head (the sides should remain in place). Using the Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Leave in Crème as a styling aide, apply to the hair with your fingers and rake through to the ends to give a heavy textured effect.
7. Take the top section above the slick sides and twist into a pleat forcing a quiff at the top of the head.  Ensure the quiff is set in place adding Pantene Pro-V Stay Smooth Hairspray and pins as needed.

So I promise, I totes promise I will be back with the hair later this week and I will share my attempt with you. And if you do, share it on Facey

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