Monday, 29 October 2012

Pampering Mums:: A Sponsored Post

This post is sponsored by NuffNang

Last week I had the great opportunity to be pampered. It doesn’t happen very often. Sad but true. As a working mum – and as ANY mum would know, me time is rare time. Big time. So I took the day off work to enjoy some time for myself, enjoy a mani and hang with some other mother bloggers.

It was such a perfect way to steal some time for myself  - with thanks to the new Dettol Touch of Foam – which was lovingly worked in to my mani – FOR THE WIN!

I took some of the Dettol Touch of Foam home to try out with my peeps. It is good. Otherwise I wouldn’t be telling you about it. Promise!

It’s foamy! Super, duper foamy! The luxe foaming formula (enriched with micro-bubbles to deliver moisture to the skin) expands to remove dirt all over, while leaving your hands feeling silky smooth. Not only does it appeal to my smalls, but it appeals to my foam-loving sensibilities too. Clearly I have never grown out of bubble-loving.

Like I said the other day, I am a bit of a vigilante when it comes to having smooth, moisturized hands. I loathe hand washes that make my hands feel like sandpaper.

Plus it kills 99.9% of germs. (The other 0.1% of germs are harmless, can-can dancing, feather wearing germs that are ok to linger on your hands – I’m sure of it.)

The new Dettol Touch of Foam Wash comes in three unique fragrances
  •  Jasmine & Almond Dream
  •  Rose & Cherry in Bloom (my favourite)
  • Wild Berry Bliss
Yep. You can thank me later. 

**Please note:: I am acting like Charlie Chaplin in this video because I lost my voice the day of the mani and the lunch, and I sound like Darth Vader. I do have thoughts on pampering yourself as a mum. I promise, perhaps I can do some charades for you.


Danimezza said...

So fun to hang out with you, even if I had to do all the talking :P

Nikki | Styling You said...

Charades please x

Nicole Avery said...

It was a pleasure to meet you Lexi. I liked your voice! I really hope we have the opportunity to catch up again in person soon. NIc x