Sunday, 7 October 2012

This Is Our Sunday Afternoon Soundtrack

We're madly getting ready for back to school tomorrow, ironing, cooking, tidying and warming down the kids after an ace holiday. I love school holidays. It's an extra good time to spend extra time with the smalls, and do super fun. We did lots these holidays. I'll report in laterz. 

But right now, I wanted to share this tune with you. It's addictive. When we're in the car, the smalls and I do eyebrow dancing to it. It's a good work out for your forehead. And it's funny. And it's fun. And that's what I am all about.

You? What are you all about?

PS - I've installed Disqus to my blog so I can reply to your comments. I did a quick Twitter survey last night and asked bloggers if they replied to all comments. They all said YES! And it echoed in my ears. And I went to bed wracked with guilt. I just can't do it - not for lack of want - but I work almost full time, when I get home I am on parenting and wife-ing duty, I do blogging in 20 minutes and it's just not possible for me. But I read all of them, and appreciate everyone who comments. So I am hoping Disqus will help me respond to all of you awesome readers. Thank you for taking the time to visit my space. You are the bomb. And then some. BOM! BOM! BOM! x


Kate Moore said...

Don't feel bad about not responding to comments. I try but I am seriously struggling to keep on top of it all. This used to be fun. Not sure when that stopped happening but it's crept up and I've been pondering it a lot of late. Milkshake? Soon?

Leanne Bertram said...

I was pretty sure my findings found that Disqus sucks .. I like CommentLuv, but the plugins for blogger suck, and I don't want to baa with the WP crowd. It's good to see a pop-blogger supporting blogger - like when someone with a P&S camera pisses all over some wanker with all the pro-tog gear. Gives me a thrill.

Leanne Bertram said...

( that said: re: Disqus .. i've been considering it myself shh! )