Sunday, 7 October 2012

Day 7:: Frocktober - Who Let The Cleaning Lady Out?

So this morning, after battling with clocks and trying to figure out what time it was, I got on with the task at hand. Making pikelets for the smalls (their favourite) and de-junkifying our house (no easy task). 

Of course it was easy to get dressed in a theme today - because I was method acting. My method being tidying and eradicating wild dust bunnies (while secretly squirrelling away junk toys into the favourite filing cabinet of choice - the garbage bin). 

Today's outfit: 
- Witchery smock
- silk scarf from Calico + Ivy
- mop bucket, mop and broom - stylist's own
- oh - and wait - that belt. Yep, Rach from Mogantosh issued me an additional challenge, to wear Mum's belt with every frock. I will try my darndest, I'm taking up the challenge lady! Who am I to turn down a dare? 

If you were feeling totally awesome - you could sponsor me here and together we can kick ovarian cancer's arse. 


nicole kane said...

no tiny poses today?
they make me giggle!!
hope the fundraising is going great guns!

Lexi Kentmann said...

No Tiny today, though, notably she was wearing top to toe stripes. V cute!