Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Do You Know Your Own Skin?

Do you check your skin regularly? I am guilty - I don't, and I should. 

My beautician told me a few months ago that I needed to go and get my skin checked - she saw some skin changes near my hairline on my forehead. 

After watching these videos, I've booked an appointment with a skin specialist so I can get checked properly. It might be nothing. It might be something.

I was silly in the sun when I was younger - and I should be more savvy. 

I'm going to take Matt with me too, so we can both get checked. I'll report back with the findings. 


Norma Keyte said...

good luck with that check......i have been checked once and all good,which made me happy with my scottish peely wally skin '-)

small catalogue said...

You go kids, there is nothing that says I love you more than a bit of health promoting preventative screening. Honest.

I get my skin checked all.the.time. Queensland sun and olive, freckly, mole prone skin - not a good combination. I've had a few taken out, but the worst was one on the tip of my nose. I have a really hideous scar that requires spakfilla to conceal. At least it is better than the alternative, right? On the advice of a dermatologist, I've given up on moisturiser with SPF and now just SPF myself all over. I reckon Neutrogena Sports Face and Invisible Zinc are the ducks guts of face SPF, and Le Tan Coconut Lotion 30+ is pretty good for everywhere else. I'm def interested to hear what the reviews on the newly permitted SPF50+ sunblocks - any goss on those??