Monday, 19 November 2012

Yo Mama! An Interview With Megan Morton

Anyone who knows or meets Megan Morton will be struck by her creativity. It's a no-brainer. She's incredibly talented, and makes styling look so effortless. You sit there wondering - well how the heck did she just do that. No amount of note-taking, mimicry, plumping of cushions or smoke and mirrors can ever give you that knack. She just does it. And she's so darn good at it. 

So she's talented - ridiculously so. Yes. But she's also super duper down-to-earth, and the moment you meet her, that authentic smile, those sparkly eyes? Well you'll feel right at home. Plus she's so damn funny it hurts. 

A ball of energy, someone who is constantly doing and making awesome (make sure you check out The School - so many great classes to take this summer), Megan's just launched her second book 'Things I Love' - which is choc full of incredible homes, funny stories, and an abundance of generous tips. If you haven't checked it out already, you definitely should - put it on your Christmas list. It's inspiring and a book you'll just keep diving into - a real visual feast.

She's a top bird. 

Without further ado, I am chuffed to have Megan Morton on PottyMouthMama today. 

PMM: Megan Morton. Stylist. Author. Mother. Wife. Where did you start? 

MM: At the Dolly magazine desk. I have had an unorthodox and thrilling path but you need to come to my styling masterclass so I can share with you in person! Basically my whole working life I have really jumped in full throttle and maximized it. Generally though, realizing how cliche this could sound, I actually really do enjoy working so much.

You have three children - how do you manage the juggle of work VS family?

Its never easy and I change my strategy weekly, sometimes daily. But I have worked for myself since our daughter was born so I have actually probably been at home with them more than if I was in an employee situation. My children are 13, 12 and 3 so some very intense times with the struggle for balance and some extremely lovely times. 

There are so many facets of your job - what's the best bit?

The instagramming! And I am not joking. (@Megan_Morton) Instagramming to me is like cave woman styling, it's a really wonderful tool to get your stylist head on as well as see the perspective of so many others. 

Are there any low points? 

Of course. But we all know what they are - tiredness, exhaustion et al.

I find after a long day at work I can be a bit grumpy at home. I'm not proud! After a long day shooting, how do you muster some energy before you go home and face the family?  

I sit in my car and get a good song on and have a minutes eye closed. My family don't make me do the work I do and I could turn it down a notch but I choose this way to spend my day. We run our house very tight but loose (those who do the same will know what I am talking about!) so I try my hardest when I come home to be in a good head space. If I have had a bad day there is no point in having a bad evening as well. 

Do you ever take time out for yourself? What do you get up to that you find re-energising?

I go to the library. It's where I get lots of thinking done. Like most suburban libraries mine is over resourced yet under serviced and it's where I sat for days on end writing the styling Masterclass curriculums. 

What's next on Megan Morton's dance card?

I have a really strong idea for my next book, so I'd like to take some time out and bed that down. And I would like to try my hand at some products for those who approach home the same way as me. Oh and The School - I want to take this magical unicorn thing that is the school to as many people and places as possible! It's amazing what a class at the school can ignite. I've seen it - it's mind blowing stuff. 

  • Megan's book 'Things I Love' is published by Penguin and available in good bookstores or here.
  • Check out The School timetable for information on what's coming up soon (great Christmas gift ideas - take a friend!). 
  • You can buy Megan's first book 'Home Love' here

This is the third interview in my Yo Mama! series. Interviews with creative working mamas. Look out for them weekly. 


hugoandelsa said...

Fabulous interview Lexie! One day I will do one of Megan's masterclasses, I will.

Pip Lincolne said...

I loved reading about MM! I think she's really super talented and clever... and CUTE too! x