Sunday, 4 November 2012

It's Almost Summer:: Cleanse-o-rama

I've been feeling so sluggish and pretty disgusting. Physically I feel bloated and tired, and mentally, I'm not coping with the whole work/life/stress balance. As a result, last week I drank almost a whole bottle of wine two nights in a row. It's not something I am proud of, and afterwards I had a talk with myself and decided it was time to do something. Being a boozehound is not the solution for stress. 

As well, my weight has been ever so quietly sneaking up behind me. On my bottom. Yep. Baby got back.

And my moods? OH EM GEE! I am totes Moody Judy. 

So what PMM? So what do we care? I know. I can hear you through the computer screen (and I can see dead people). But quit being cynical. 

I'm taking the bull by the horns. 

A while ago I did this great cleanse with health and wellness guru, Nat Kringoudis. I was so intimidated by the thought of it, but threw myself in, and mid and post cleanse felt incredibly good. Plus it kick started me to get back in to looking after myself better. 

I'm doing it again peeps! Starting tomorrow, I am a-cleansing! 
And if you're not up for a pre-Christmas cleanse (and why not?!), Nat is running another after Christmas - so you can wash that Christmas funk right outta your hair. 

And remember earlier this year I was walking like a complete and utter champ? And then the chair fell on my foot just before Easter, and well, I turned into a man and didn't go to the GP? Uh huh. Well I've shirked off my responsibility to my body and not done much moving since then. I know. Lexi. Bad. Bad. Bad.

But you'll never guess. I am booked in for my first session at the gym on Tuesday morning. I know right! I am so excited I even got some new sports bras. CRAZY! 

What are your top tips for fitting exercise and healthy eating into your day? 
Will you cleanse along with me? 
And can you squat like the lady up there?


SarahMac said...

Oh god this is ME! I saw some pics of myself today and holy heck shit is getting real and the comfort eating has to stop! I am hearing you. Good luck.

kelly said...

I'm about to start working in an office tomorrow and I am scared that I will sit on my arse every day and put on all the weight I lost when I left working in an office... The thing I'm going to try and do is work in exercise into "normal" stuff I do - like getting to and from work. So the distance from my house to the office is 6.7K which I know I can run, so once a week I will run it, and another day I'll ride my bike. If I don't do it like that I'll never do it during the day (I'll keep putting it off etc). I'm like you - I love how I feel when I am looking after myself - then BAM - all of a sudden I'm not looking after myself and feel crap!
I won't cleanse with you, but I will do other stuff, like no more eating lollies every day - far out, the kiddos birthday party has set off my inner sugar monster, and taking my lunch in every day so I'm not tempted to go and eat pork burritos (also saving cash - kerching!), and also planning food to eat that night so we don't come home and flop and go and get take-away...and did I mention I won't eat my son's lollies
And no I can't squat like that lady - I can do diddly-squat squats. Call me "The Great Inflexo"

One Flew Over said...

I rave and rave about the impact has had on my life but you really need to see.for yourself. i think there is a studio near you...get the ten day intro pass and try to go five times in that period. You will feel amazing.

Am check out Nat's link x

small catalogue said...

When I joined the gym and started squatting like that, it hurt to sit for a week. Now I heart squats and lunges so hard. Feeling great is the best pressie I ever gave myself. Love your work Lexi.

Bec @ honi design said...

Hells yeah! I'm in serious need of a clense. The post baby weight isn't quite what I'd like it to be so I'm totes in with the whole detox plan!!

Averil said...

I go for a bike ride or walk after the kids have gone to bed. Good for clearing your head too. Another thing I've found that helps is writing down my meals and snacks at the beginning of the day, it really helps with not over eating because I just love food too much!

Kirsty Bunfield said...

I hear you re the cleanse. I am in need! Have been doing vinyasa yoga and loving the sweating the toxins out aspect of it.

Sophie Kurylowicz said...

I have just completed the couch to 5k ap on my phone! I went from being able to jog for a minute at a time and now i can jog 5ks in half an hour! So good! The problem is - because i now jog three times a week i justify having a glass of wine every night and eating double brea... doh. xsx

kelly said...

I used that app too to start running! It was great! I did the couch to 10K one as well - and now have really backed off on my running but want to get it started again

Ellen Arthur said...

man you're good :) I can't remember the last time I exercised and I used to be a personal trainer! Haha
Ellen xx