Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Just Back From Melbourne

We're literally just back from three days in beautiful Melbourne. Fresh. Off. The. Plane. 

Actually - not fresh - Sydney - why so humid?!

I am so pooped - but so on the high that comes with travel. 

And damn fool. I do very much love that city. So much left unexplored, with verbal agreements that we'll be back soon to try more restaurants, check out the shops that always (inadvertently) get missed, and spend more time at the gallery. Good golly. Did I mention I love Melbourne? 

I'll be back later in the week to report on my Melbourne findings, plus - yes, I am late with Yo Mama! this week. And hey - btw - have you entered my LEGO Friends giveaway? If not, why not! Five ace packs to giveaway! 

It's a busy week - more gift guides to come, and lots of other good things brewing (ok so nothing's brewing except my herbal tea). But I'll be around. And I'd LOVE to hear from you. 

Yours in blogging and late posts, 

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