Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Uber Good Christmas Gift Guide:: For Him

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for. Well I think so anyway. I have a high unsuccess rating with gift-giving to my husband. Which means every year, gift giving becomes harder and harder - until you get so far down the track that he'll wind up with a new lead pencil, an eraser and a notepad. Utilitarian is the way to go I think.

So here are some of my ideas for a man-friend.

1. Skate Rocker from Freedom $499:: An investment, yes, but I love everything about this chair - the lines, the colour (plus it comes in a beautiful tan leather) and the fact that it's a rocker. Rock on baby! 

2. Dermalogica Soothing Shave Cream by Dermalogica $28:: I've talked about this here before - I love it so much I want to talk about it again. When Matt started teaching, he wanted to be clean shaven - his skin wigged out a bit, and so he tried this Soothing Shaving Cream. I've used it myself (except not on my face) and can vouch for it. Plus it smells super wonderful. Couple this with the Dermalogica Pre-Shave Guard and you've got yourself a pretty sweet shave.

3. Acca Kappa Ivory Badger Hair Shaving Brush from Saison $180:: I don't know about the man in your life, but my man never really buys himself anything except the essentials. I love this beautiful shaving brush - a piece of luxury for the everyday.

4. Aussie Rules Footy for an Indigenous Footy Player from Oxfam Unwrapped $65:: Every year I love to support Oxfam's Unwrapped program. There are so many seriously good causes, and there's no risk that this gift is not going to be liked. Give the gift that keeps on giving - and choose something - big or small to go to someone who really needs it. 

5.Vans - Bright Green Black from SurfStitch $89.95:: Nothing says summer quite like a fresh pair of Vans, some boardies and a beach towel. Or a skateboard in Matt's case. I love this green. And I love SurfStitch. Their customer service is WOWSERS. 

6. The Thirty Six by Siegmund Siegreich $34.95:: If your man is a reader, then this book is incredible. It's written by a Polish gentleman who, as a teenager, survived the holocaust (he now lives in Melbourne). It's a book that will live within you forever - and you won't be able to put it down. Heart-breaking, harrowing, and  so beautifully written - I highly recommend it.  

7. Istanbul Turkish Towel from Lark $39.95:: Traditionally made and from natural fibres, these Turkish towels are fast drying and nice and compact. Perfect to toss in the car for an impromptu afternoon jaunt to the beach. 

8. Country Road Swim Short $49.95:: I like the cut of these shorts - and the colours. And a good stylish, utilitarian gift never hurt anyone. 

9. Sony PS3 Playstation Console 500GB $369 from JB Hi-Fi:: I will admit it - sometimes at night, when the kids are in bed, I challenge Matt to a game on the PS3. It's fun! You should totes try it!

10. A massage voucher:: Chances are - if your man is like my man, he doesn't pamper himself much. Which is why I really love getting Matt a gift voucher for a massage. It never fails to make him more relaxed. 


Milina Opsenica said...

Shorts and book. Sorted. Thank you! I like the Oxfam gift too. I gave my husband, then boyfriend, an Oxfam gift for our first Christmas together.

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