Saturday, 17 November 2012

Uber Good Christmas Gift Guide:: Beauty Buff

It's that time of the year when I kick off my gift guides - because my friends, I have something terrible to tell you. Come closer. Nope. Closer. Closer still. Yes, yes that's good. Listen up. Christmas is just a frightful six weeks away. *GASP*

Which is why I've done the legwork for you. I know. I know how to spoil you. Koochie koochie kooo!

And even better? All gifts are from Australian retailers. I'm all about keeping it local, shopping local, keeping jobs local. I am your friendly local yokel. 

Ok well let's get down to it. 

You know the type, the beauty buff. She LOVES trying new beauty products - and she's always touting the latest and the greatest lipstick. You need some ideas to show her you can cut it in the cosmetics stakes. 

1. Grown Holiday Gift Set $49.95:: Have you ever used Grown products? AYE CARUMBA. They smell insanely good. This set includes - Hand Wash with Sweet Orange, Cedarwood & Sage (300ml), and Hand Cream with Vanilla & Orange Peel (300ml). It smells so good, I promise you'll want to eat it. (And that's my sign of a great beauty product.)

2. Penhaligon's Juniper Sling Eau de toilette $185:: Has your friend been very, very good this year? Give her this - smells like the roaring twenties, but perfect for these gin-sipping summer days. 

3. Darling nail varnish $18.95:: I swear by this nail polish. Wednesday is my absolute all time favourite colour - for a quick pop of colour to lift my spirits. A quick slick and I'm good to go - plus the palette is so bang-on, it's hard to stick with one. Oh. And have you seen the Rock Candy? Good luck trying to restrain yourself here. 

4. Page Thirty Three Bath Brew $15.95:: Once I saw this on my visit at Little Paper Lane, I knew it was coming home with me. Once I smelt it - AYE CARUMBA - I wanted to eat it. I know. I have an eating fixation. But wowsers, it smells whoa mama, hot damn - super good. 

5. Redecker Comb & Hairbrush cleaner $7.95:: Might seem like an odd gift - but when are you going to buy yourself a hairbrush cleaner? That's right - the 18th of Never. Give the beauty buff who has everything something she doesn't have - you might think quirky, I think cool. 

6. Chantecaille Lip Chic $45:: As we've established, I think there's nothing better than pink lipstick. And I love saying the word Chantecaille. Get your friend a new favourite lipstick and you'll be cert to be BFFs. 

7. Bela Vanity Bag (blue circles) by Lale $69.95:: Every time I go on a trip - I wind up with my cosmetics in a beaten up old plastic bag - ever the glamourpuss. I can't even imagine the excitement of travelling with this beauty. It's bound to put a spring in your step. Or your friends. If you can bare to part with it. 

8. Retro Hair Bobble $2.95 each:: And while you're at it - wouldn't it be cute to open up that vanity bag and find some retro hair bobbles? I am beside myself at the thought. 

9. Saison Soapstone Heart Bowl $19.95:: Say it straight, you love your BFF - this bowl is perfect for a sweet soap (like this one) or to nest her rings in at night. 

10. Sussan - Annelise Rose Pyjamas $59.95:: Girlfriends got to get some beauty sleep - and these 40s style pyjamas are just the ticket. With a design based on a vintage print, and featuring lace trims and a feminine shape, there's no stopping your beauty buff from clocking a few zzzzs. 


small catalogue said...

Awesome nail polish find. Must.Ask.For.Some.

Shari Wakefield said...

I love, love, love pj's from Sussan's. I think I'll be grabbing a nice pair or two for my hospital stay after giving birth.