Sunday, 18 November 2012

Uber Good Christmas Gift Guide:: Something Special

1. Coral bracelet by Julia deVille at Alice Euphemia $580::  Be still my beating heart. I love coral in the sunshine, I like coral in the sea. I like coral on my wrist - and this bracelet is totes for me. Or is it Santa? Ok so it's not for me (yes, yes Matt, I know), but it might be for your wishlist dear reader. 

2. Orla Kielly Beach towel from Lark $90::  I love nothing better than hitting the beach with my own beach towel. This luxe and over-sized beach towel featuring Orla's iconic multi stem pattern is perfect. And the palette? Sunshine and bubblegum. Count me in!

3. iittala Korento Flat Plate $38 each:: Guess who's coming for dinner? Imagine six of these beauties laid out on your table this summer. I'd want seconds just to clock up extra time with them.

4. Pineapple pinata class with Kitiya Palaskas at The School $90:: If you've not done a class at Megan Morton's School - then you've not lived. And Kitiya Palaskas is about the coolest girl on the block. Combine two creative zeitgeists and what do you get? A pineapple pinata class. I think I've just gone to heaven.

5. Veronique Branquinho red leather aviators from Off The Runway $350:: Holy hotcakes, I'd be the coolest bird on the block in these. Way fancier than my usual sunglasses, I'm in lurve. 

6. Ceramic Egg Bird Feeder from Third Drawer Down $190:: Speaking of birds, we have a bunch of really pretty natives that swoop in and eat our flowers. All. The. Time. I love spying on them. This could help me in this quest - plus - well who could resist the yellow egg?!

7. Ziggy Clutch from Nancybird $140:: I think this could be the perfect clutch. In fact, I'd almost swear by it. 

8. Bleulab Detour Alligator Black/Tie Dye reversible jean from Lady Pinwheel $265:: On the flipside of Frocktober, I've gone a little bonkers for my denim. How clever are these reversible jeans? Two in one outfit?! Hellz yes! Santa, PLEASE! (PS - Hayley from Lady Pinwheel is offering 30%off all full price items until December 21. Discount code: friends30 - go nuts). 

9. Sacred Heart Cachette Silver from The Assembly Hall $125:: So you wanted something special for someone special? I'm a little in love with these hearts. Imagine these hanging on the wall behind your bed. Le sigh.

10. Areaware Animal Box - Whale from Kido Store $60:: A little place to hide your treasures. Oh how I love this whale. He's a little piece of art.   

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