Friday, 7 December 2012

Uber Good Gift Guide:: For Little Boys

Looking for ideas for a small boy? I've got a few. I live with one so I've got it pretty sussed when it comes to seven year olds. 

You gotta keep it fun - right? You don't want any sad faces on the day, so you amp up the fun - and sneak a few utilitarian pieces in there. Here we go!

1. Embroidered Anchor Short from Seed $49.95:: Ships ahoy! What land lover (or sea dog) couldn't love these super cute shorts?

2. LEGO The Hobbit - The Goblin King Battle:: Anyone who knows the Doctor knows what a LEGO lover he is. This new Hobbit themed collection is high on his hit list. He'd be the happiest of all Christmas elves if Santa delivered this.

3. Best. Day. Ever! tee from Well Spotted $35:: I have never met a Well Spotted tee I didn't love. These do as they say - they make your kids even funnier. Plus the t-shirts themselves are exceptionally good quality (hand-made and screen printed by hand locally). Plus Tony (the maker) is a super cool guy.

4. Areaware Jnr Pico Owl cushion from Kido Store $49.95:: We can't have a pet - so this cushion could serve as a temporary stand in. And it's a little bit Harry Potter-ish. Mail anyone?

5. The Hobbit - graphic novel from Booktopia $22.75:: My boy is a book worm and is hungry for new books to satiate him. He might have to read it before seeing the film.

6. Birdhouse Titanium Skateboard from Rebel Sport $119.95:: What little dude wouldn't want to get rad on one of these decks? That's some seriously cool gear - and created by Tony Hawk. Hello people. Did someone say TONY HAWK?? 

7. Battleship game from Games Paradise $29.95:: My little guy is pretty enamoured with this game. A fun game of strategy, perfect for the school holidays to beat the boredom.  

8. Wahu Dive Rings from Kidstuff $17.99:: Being in the pool is already fun - add these dive rings and I'm a happy lady. Oh wait. They're for the kids. Well. We can share. Can't we?

9. 50 50 Savings Bank from Third Drawer Down $28:: Who doesn't need help with saving? Oh I see no one raised their hand. Right then - this little money box is just the ticket to get the smalls into saving and saving. See what I did there? 

10. True or False Game from Lark $14.95:: Oh man - never have I seen anything more appropriate for the Doctor than this very game. He loves asking me random trivia questions. And don't I just love it when I'm trying to reverse park into an incredibly tight space?! Moving along - this looks good. Very good. And if you're not into that - then how gorgeous is this? And pragmatic. 


Sam said...

Rad list Lexi, some great buys there.


Becky said...

and for girls too surely. . .? My daughter wants a skateboard this year, these ones look great x