Monday, 14 January 2013

Golden Globes:: Kate Hudson, Julianna Moore, A Bratz Doll, Helen Mirren

So Nicole Kidman was dressed by Alexander McQueen. And so was Kate. And I - hands-down - think Kate got in first for the best frock. She does not look like she's going to slay He-Man. So it's black - but the bedazzling just makes this sing. What a fox.

Another of my favourite actresses, Julianna Moore - in Tom Ford. I like that it's simple, the silhouette created by those white panels - MWAH! Plus - if you know me, you'll know I am a massive fan of over-sized earrings and a simple clutch. This is #winning.

 Did you know they brought a Bratz doll to life and placed it on the red carpet in some elaborate guerilla marketing ploy? Well. Now you do. 
Holy smokes! Does Helen Mirren EVER get it wrong? Nope. Never. How smoking hot does she look? Aye carumba. Lady oozes style. 


Mrs Sabbatical said...

that's not a Bratz doll - her head is too big ; ) xx

Alex aka Whoa Mumma! said...

Kate looks amazeballs. That reminds me - I taped it yesterday and need to watch it!

Nicole said...

Oh I love Helen Mirren's dress!