Wednesday, 30 January 2013

We're A Black School Shoe Down

We are back in the throes of school life. Back, arms flailing, struggling for breath, amidst the white sea ponies, the flurry of water, gasping for breath, we're back. Dramatic? Moi? Of course I am.

But that's how it feels. Out of my control, a disconnect because I'm at work - and yet -  we're cast back to the frenzy and almost Draconian routine that school life entails. 

It makes me sad to my stomach just thinking about it.

So the Doctor started Year Two today, and Tiny, well she's beside herself excited - next week she starts Kindergarten and she can barely contain her excitement. It's beyond cute, and so *almost* contagious. That girl is thrilled to be amidst all the learning. She was a little disappointed not to be starting today. 

But it's good news that she's not starting today. Why? Well not just to drag out my sadness and guilt, but because we're a black shoe down. 

Last week she got her shoes fitted. This week we can only find one shoe. This is going to be interesting.

Matt and I have both turned her room completely upside down searching for that lone, lurking Mary-Jane - to no avail. 

It's no surprise we can't find it. Her room is an overwhelming mess. Piles and piles of clothes, Lego for me to tread on at midnight, and dolls clothes. Not to mention the leaning tower of books. And the pencils tipped out on her bed. 

I overheard Tiny proclaim to her cousin during the holidays - when asked why her room was such a mess: "Because I like it that way!"

Let's hope that lone shoe turns up in the next few days. Otherwise she's going to be Hopalong Cassidy meets Tiny the Pegleg. 

image  - Walk to School 1954 by Willy Ronis


Pip @ JustB said...

Aw Tiny. Probs she's drawing with her feet while she snoozes beneath that leaning tower.

Prudence@flotsamfriends said...

I can feel your pain. My boys started back today (Yr 6 and Yr 4). They're outside playing with friends now and they're happy. And therefore, I'm happy. I'm enjoying these few days before the afternoon activities start next week. I can also relate to the mess. But aren't the most creative people messy? I'm sorry I can't help you find the shoe. It must be in there somewhere though right? I hope school is every bit as amazing as Tiny is expecting. Fingers-crossed. Pru

Mrs Smith said...

Bloody Shoes! The bane of my existence. Sacha can have one of a pair under my bed and the other one in the furthest reaches of the backyard. I have no idea how he does it.

School mornings are foul. They are. I know that being organised and getting up earlier makes them less foul, but that is not a miracle I rarely manifesto

I made Sach a special spot in his room to put his shoes the other day, I think it worked .... once.

Bloody shoes. The only things worse than bloody shoes are finding the bloody socks.