Wednesday, 30 January 2013

AACTA:: The Cream Of The Crop

 Jessica Mauboy. Where were we before you arrived? So beautiful - and always dialling up the old-school glamour, I so appreciate it when you walk the red carpet.
 Isobel Cornish of Puberty Blues fame - fun, young and a million miles away from Chiko rolls and molls. Love this outfit - hair and make-up? Flawless. That red lip is AYE CARUMBA good.
 Brown leather is usually best left to a couch, but this works. And it works so well. Kind of dials up a younger Cate Blanchett, are you hearing me?
This is a triumph. We've not heard from Pia Miranda in a long time, but here she appears, in all her goodness.


Allison Miller said...

Jessica is so beautiful...stunning in fact. Isobel looks amazing.....but I do wonder why she only self tanned her shins?. will the real cate blanchett please stand up!
A x

mumabulous said...

Jessica looks divine as does Pia. Whats Pia been up to lately? She was meant to be the next "big thing" but seems to have unfortunately slipped out of the limelight. She's a good actress.