Monday, 11 February 2013

Grammys:: Katy Perry, Florence Welch, Solange

Crikey! The Grammys were on today, and the red carpet was rife with fashion triumphs. I've snuck a couple of peeks during the day, and have hand-picked some of my favourites, and some that aren'tsomuch, to share with you. 

Giddy up! 
Katy Perry has wonderful assets, there's no denying it. If you were on a boat, she wouldn't really need any flotation devices, as demonstrated here. Yes. I am totally jelly. She totally flouted the Grammy dress rules and bared her boobies  soul to the red carpet. And she looks fabulous in this Gucci frock. Although - one thing I'd change, a strong lip. I'd go pink. That's probably because I am a little bit addicted to pink lipstick. 

Florence Welch very rarely gets it wrong. And she certainly didn't today. Check her out in this divine Givenchy sequinned sheath. Although - just to play Devil's Advocate, I think she's done this look. A lot. It works. But it would be refreshing to see something a bit different.

Look - we all know I am loving Solange like crazy lately, and she did not disappoint. Effortlessly oozing cool, she just floats in wearing colour of the moment - emerald, and studded coral heels, and her hair just so - and I just go - ahhh. She gets the green light. 

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