Monday, 4 February 2013

Whoa. First Day. Year Two. Whirlwind Alert.

What happened to me? 

Happily blogging one minute - all quiet on the Western Front the next. 

Tiny starts school tomorrow. In equal parts (maybe) I'm happy because she is SO flipping excited, and then struck by grief that my babe is growing up all too quickly. I remember the day she was born. How did we get to first day jitters already? 

On her first birthday she commando crawled through the grass at the park to get her mitts (and teeny tiny new baby teeth) into a juicy nectarine. She was so full of glee. And this is how Tiny is. Keen for the next adventure.

Over the weekend she climbed into my wardrobe - which is no mean feat, it's a mess and it's small, and there's quite a bit crammed in there. I asked her to get out to no avail. Then I told her to get out, to which she replied bluntly "Mum, you're always trying to ruin my adventures."

So tomorrow will be another big adventure with tissues in hand. For me. Not for her.

And then there is the Doctor. BOOM! Straight into year two without so much as a look back. He's happy, he's confident, and in some way - this is how we want our kids. Independent. But my goodness, it definitely hurts. 

Are your smalls starting school this year? How's it going?

PS - Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? You should. It's SUPER GREAT. Wes Anderson. SUPER GREAT!


Mrs Smith said...

Snap! Baby's first day of prep, she is psyched, and middle guy striding into grade 2, add to the mix my big boy starting his last year of primary school, I should be an ugly-crying mess by 9am. I don't want hem to grow up any more. How about they all now stay as they are forever?

ally said...

Loved Moonrise Kingdom
Have tissues packed for Friday when the smallest (and last) starts kinder (and its not even full time)
The other two are totally psyched to be back - there will be no backward glances at all

Small Catalogue said...

That Tiny definitely has the panache! I hope school is an absolutely rockin' adventure for her. Hopefully her joy will let you keep most of the tissues in your pocket. Whatever you do, don't listen to Puff the Magic Dragon as you make the lunchboxes. I made that mistake last week. Is that the saddest song ever??