Sunday, 7 April 2013

Logies 2013:: Brynne Edelstein, Asher Keddie, Giaan Rooney, Jennifer Hawkins, Someone I Didn't Ever Used To Know

I'm meant to be on a self-imposed blogging break, but it's the Logies, and while I'm sitting here cringing, I thought how remiss it would be of me not to cover the Logies. A festival celebrating local television, where we import international acts to perform. 

In particular I love that rotisserie where they make the women stand and twirl for the camera. Who thought of that? I bet no one owns up. It's heinous.

Without further ado, let's do this thing:

 I don't even know what to say except the salooon is missing its curtains, and they need them back for service tomorrow night. Ok Brynne? Thanks. Oh and My Little Pony want some credit for your hair. That is all. 
 Asher Keddie. Always flawless. 
 Giaan Rooney. I like it. Sleek, sophisticated. And it reminds me of Wall-E. I don't know why. 

 I think Jen hurt her neck the other day, and Steven Khalil, genius designer, worked a neckbrace into her frock. It's been bedazzled too. 
This young lady is going horse riding later. Hence the built in saddle bags. 


robynforsyth said...

thank crumbs you are here for a review.... would not be quite the same. Yes to wall-e. No to Liz Hayes.

Fiona said...

Possibly she is Lauren from Kids WB?