Friday, 26 April 2013

Three Of The Best:: Bedlinen

Sleep. It's one of my favourite things to do. Which is why I have a vested interest in bedlinen. I could go really nuts on bedlinen. Really. I love the feel of climbing into fresh bedlinen of a night. It just feels so darn good. But whether it's the crisp hotel bed sheets, flannelette for Winter, or a super soft set that's ideal for Summer, I think your bed needs at least a bit of a wardrobe to switch things up in the boudoir. 

This week I take a look at three of my favourites. Giddy up! 

Fairhaven quilt cover set from Freedom $79.95: Nothing says nautical by nature more to me than navy stripes. Classic style for the boudoir, that mixes and matches so well with stripes, spots, bold colours or neutrals. You could really go nuts with this cotton sateen (super soft) set, I'd be adding some citrus highlights, this velvet cushion and that luxe throw and crawling into bed pronto!

Home Republic Modal Jersey queen quilt cover from Adairs $229.95:: Have you ever slept in jersey bedlinen? It is, I swear, like sleeping in your favourite t-shirt. It's seriously good, and fancier than sleeping in flannelette (one of my favourite things to do mid-Winter, I know, I am mega unsexy). It's so soft, and another excuse to climb into bed early. This modal jersey quilt cover just lifts things to the next level, plus it doesn't crease, so your bed looks fresh and ready around the clock.

The Heath duvet cover (queen) from Citta Design $219:: There's something that appeals to me about this quilt cover. It's like a vintage book illustration, and then it's splashed onto a duvet cover - which means I would have totally excellent dreams. And I love the palette too - dreamlike and dialling up my childhood memories = WINNING!  

Which is your favourite? 


Anonymous said...

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andrew carter said...

The last one is my favorite, cute color, I honestly just choose my linens first by design, second by color and third by texture.