Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Have We Talked About My Teeth?

Recently I went to the dentist because one of my teeth was ridiculously horrible. When I drank cold water - yowsers. When I touched it. Yowsers. It was a little torturous. 

So off I went to the dentist. Not a big fan, but I sat in that chair and she tapped on it, no pain. She washed it. No pain. And then she hit it with a blast of cold air - and YOWSERS! My leg flicked up in the air - and I wanted to punch that dentist in the head.

Teeth are funny things. Well. Not funny ha-ha. 

So she covered it with some paste-y kind of stuff, told me my gums were receding (oh yay!), and that it should ease up. It's official, my gums have gone into receder-ship. 

Thankfully, mercifully, the discomfort did stop. It doesn't feel so gross anymore. 

And so it is that last week, I invested in an electric toothbrush. 

This is groundbreaking stuff people. Groundbreaking. You heard it here first. And last. Because I'm pretty sure no one else wants to cover off the fact that I am now using an electric tooth brush. 

It's official. Stop the spill. I just spilt toothpaste and drool everywhere. 

I don't even know why I am telling you this, besides the fact that after so many years using a normal old-fashioned toothbrush, it's weird using an electric boogaloo. 

I told you this was groundbreaking. I guess I just want to say: my teeth are getting old. And now the dentist told me they have cracks in them. I am sad for my teeth. 

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Jodi Gibson said...

My gums are in recession too and I hear ya on the electric toothbrush. Awesomeness.