Thursday, 27 June 2013

Winter Bedroom Makeover With Adairs

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Matt and I talk a lot about our bed. It's the source of marital unrest. No. Not that. 

It's the blankets. And the layers. And the sheets. Particularly in Winter. 

At the start of the Winter season I declared that we were on the hunt for a Winter weight quilt. Matt looked at me blankly. I don't think he realised there were different weights for quilts - and that our regular quilt was not going to cut the mustard this Winter. Particularly if we were to get through the big cold without major tussles in the sack. 

I know I've written about it before. I like lots of layers. Matt, not so much. I love snuggling down under a plethora of blankets. Matt is not into it. I like both sheets -  fitted and flat. Matt likes just a fitted and a quilt. I say tomato. He says tomatoe. Potato. Potatoe. Let's call the whole thing off. 

Or should we?

Adairs gave me the opportunity to make over our bedroom. Keen to eliminate any rising tensions in our boudoir, I accepted the challenge. 

This is how it played out:

I know you think I am some kind of nanna, but I defy you! I am truly, madly, deeply enamoured by cotton flannelette sheets. Our house is like living in an igloo, and flannel just makes edging those toes into the depths of the bed so much easier. Flannelette is my friend, and I have convinced Matt that yes, flannelette does very well in our bed (particularly since I am not such a fan of the sweaty electric blanket). 

A brand spanking new quilt. HELLLLLO wool quilt. This. Is. Bliss. Just as light as our regular quilt, but so much warmer - and it's machine-washable. Did I mention how warm this little baby is? We went for a King size so that it drapes over the sides of our queen size bed. This has also reduced the number of bedroom tussles we have - there's no sneaky quilt thief cocooning themselves at night. There's plenty of quilt for everyone! Well the two of us at least. And two squirming bodies in the mornings. And sometimes in the middle of the night. Yawn. 

And just like your favourite t-shirt we opted for this awesome jersey quilt cover - it's super comfortable! The grey marle is a win with both Matt and I (I've never met a man that doesn't love grey marle), and is the perfect muted tone for our Winter bedroom make-over. 

I switched the lamps around in our bedroom, tidied up (heck if only you'd seen the mess of the before shot - actually, let's rethink that, so glad you couldn't make it over to mine), commissioned a family portrait by Tiny, and tossed some fresh tulips in a vase - et voila! Bedroom make-over complete!

If you feel the urge to give your bedroom an overhaul - head over to Adairs right now! The Adairs Massive Mid Year Sale is on, and you can snaffle some very excellent deals.

Are you a massive fan of flannelette sheets? 


Cath @mybeardedpigeon said...

Love flannel sheets! But I prefer Matts set up, bottom sheet and doona. When I was in hospital having number 2 my friend arrived while I was getting picked up and changed the sheets on my bed, and laid out washed clean pjs. And put flowers beside my bed. There is nothing better than clean pjs and clean sheets! Nothing!!

mellissad said...

Flannel sheets are a MUST in winter. I also like a top sheet. So much easier to wash a sheet every week than wrestle a cover off and on a doona!

We have a two-sided doona cover so I can flip it over when I feel like a change. I've never considered different doona covers for different seasons though, and never jersey either. I may have to go shopping!

Robyn said...

lovely friends Cath. they sure do make the hard bits ok, and the good bits great!

Lexi, you made me go shopping today... nearly dropped half a bomb on a woollen quilt and the linen number... uncharcteristically, paused, and am considering. Do Adairs sell a fence,? I need one or two of those to keep small fry out of my sleepzone. Why oh Why is it a fun thing to ferret small feet into your Mum's PJ pants?

i go for top sheet, like not love a flanno, but MUST have great pillows, and many.

Sam Stone said...

MASSIVE flannelette sheet fan :) It is like a warm hug.
I love the quilt and lamp.

comfycosy said...

I'm a huge fan of jersey sheets and quilt cover. All year round. They are the cosiest, smoothest, warmest or coolest at all the same time! I'm always on the hunt for jersey and get very excited when I find them. So thank you, the heads-up.

Belinda said...

I love your room and yes a massive flannelette sheet fan x