Thursday, 27 June 2013

Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.

I was thinking about how time flies - and how far ago school was. How life seems to flash by so fast. How much my children have grown. How the Doctor is almost up to my elbow in height. And really I was thinking about how I met someone about two years ago, and when I see them again it will be three years, and I wondered how much older I must look to them.

This must mean only one thing.

It must almost be my birthday.

I've never been one for getting caught up in getting old. Well. Until I started getting older. And older. And older.

And while I absolutely think it's a privilege to grow older, as so many of us don't get to, it must be acknowledged. It must be gotten used to.

No longer does the skin have the same elasticity.
I'm on daily grey hair patrol.
I get tired. 
I like lots of cups of tea. 
I get outraged when I'm doing the speed limit and P-Platers drive past (too fast) me. 
I like my bed to be made. Every. Single. Day. 
Ugg boots are my BFF. 
My joints. They sometimes ache. (Did I really just say that?!)

Thus with much vigour, with ageing at the back of my mind, I started exercising and love it. Though I've totally fallen off the apple cart in this cold, wet and blustery weather, my gear is out and ready for when it clears. And it's definitely coming with us on our wee holiday.

I was looking at photos with a colleague, from my first Christmas party, and my colleague said: "Ha! Look how young you look!" And I almost fell off my chair.

Anyway, I digress. I found this t-shirt today - and almost tried to convince Matt that I wanted it for my birthday. I do some ridiculous things sometimes, and buy things that later on I go - "What the heck was I thinking?" 

Heck. I should have bought it. 


Toni Brockliss said...

I went to have my eyes tested and the doctor turns to me and says "we have a serious problem." I am thinking I have cancer of the eyeball or something horrifying and he says "you have extremely dry eyes and will need to put in eye drops 3 times a day forever."

I asked him why I have dry eyes and he then said "old age."

After looking around the room for Granny Clampett, I realised he was talking to me. I felt like I should be reaching for my zimmer frame, but then I caught site of my most recent purchase....a purse in the shape of a raccoon.
Now I might be a blurry eyed old lady, but I am also an eccentric disco loving raccoon purse mama and that ain't so bad.
I think.

Kate Dixon said...

Babe, we are on the down high slide....I'm already dreading menopause!

Sam Stone said...

You definitely should have bought the t-shirt :)

Clare from Checks and Spots said...

Happy birthday lady love! Hope you had an ace time celebrating YOU.
Ugh. Don't get me started on grey hair patrol....the only satisfying thing is plucking those suckers out!