Monday, 22 July 2013

I Fell Off The Cart

While we were on holidays, exercise was a bit sporadic. Well. I say that. But we did, every single day, go for big walks. We barely used the car the entire time. But I felt so bloaty and pretty gross, so in the evenings (a handful of times) I went for a longer, faster amble by myself. 

It was nothing like what I usually do. But at least I was moving. 

Once we got back, Matt, the Doctor and I - we three all got sick. It's been a real hoot. I've had the snottiest head this side of Cincinatti. 

I have, alas, fallen off the wagon. 

Someone. Lift me up onto the wagon, and give me a push.

Hit me up with your inspiration on how I can reignite my exercise flame. 

Please. Someone. Anyone. I'm Bloaty McBloaterson. HELP ME! 


weebirdy said...

Wanna do the Bay walk with me around Leichhardt? I'm downloading an app called Get of the Couch, or something like that. Let's go! (p.s. note 'walk' not 'run'). Missed you. X

Spoonful said...

mmm, how about a naf exercise video that's hard but makes you laugh? Or a new playlist of fantastic exercise music??

Sam Stone said...

I need that same person to give me a push too!!