Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What Are Your Hobbies?

I've been thinking lately about what I like to do.

And I thought. 

And I thought.

And then there were crickets. 

And then after the crickets came the tumbleweeds.

Then there was dead silence. 

Hobbies. Where did you go? 

In all of that silence I asked myself "Yes Lexi, what exactly do you like to do?"

And then there was even more silence.

I like dressing up. I like rummaging at the markets. I like reading. I like baking. I like stitching. I like gardening.

And yet. And yet, I've barely done any of these things over the last few months. Well I dress up, but Fashion Friday has fallen by the wayside. 

And everything else? Well it never seems to happen. 

Being a mum, working, trying to fit exercise in, being a wife, doing all that stuff means there's not much time for other stuff. But my goodness, I'm going to start doing some of that stuff. Beyond all of that stuff - I want to find at least 15 minutes in my day to partake in a hobby. Realistic? I don't know. But I'll try it. 

What are your hobbies? How do you fit them in?


Reannon Hope said...

Tell me about it & I don't even work right now so I can't use that as a time sucking excuse!
I loooooove to bake, read, garden, crochet, sew, visit markets & rummage in op shops but haven't done much if any if that since I had the bub. Except bake which is the one I should do the least!!
I think you have to sacrifice something else because there are only so many hours in the day to get stuff done & have fun!

coalvalleyview said...

Hi Lexi, I do things I enjoy in the evenings after the Kids have gone to bed. Every evening. They are all in bed by 7.30 and that is my cue to do whatever I like. It means things like dishes are sometimes left to ferment overnight and mornings are a bit frantic because I'm so disorganised but I'd be a lot crankier if I didn't do the fun stuff. I chill out with my Husband, knit, crochet, blog, whatever. Weekends are for the more active stuff like gardening and I visit op shops during the week with any Kids that are at home. I imagine you'd be pretty knackered at the end of a working day but gosh 15 minutes sounds pretty achievable, I'd even go for 30 and I bet once you start you'll do more. I agree with Reannon though, I think it's hard to squeeze things in, you just have to make it a priority and leave other things out. Mel x

Lea, rhymes with h&b said...

I like to dick around on facebook all night and drink Diet Coke and Pop Bubbles on my phone. I like to ferry children about and stroke small furry animals. Oh, and I like to randomly pop up commenting on blogs. Yep, that's about it..

Catherine Alekna said...

other than sewing which has become more obsession then hobby =p, I knit and embroider - they're both good because you can sit in from of the telly or a movie and do them both at once. Or do a few stitches before bed or while waiting for the pot to boil. But I don't think hobbies have to be creative or generate tangible things. your hobbies could BE shopping or thrifting or exercising. aren't hobbies just things that make us feel happy and clever and all those sorts of nice feelings?

Kristy said...

I was feeling like this - my monkey brain was out of control and work was boring me spare. Then last week I went to crochet class! It was at a yarn store near my work and I learned to crochet. And I've been crocheting ever since... it's soothing... it's easy. Handling yarn is lovely. I can do it on the tram on my way to work. My brain just melts and I can focus for ages and... AND... my fingers are getting used for something other than typing. This has to be a good thing. I'm making a blanket in my favourite colours: http://instagram.com/p/cKmmKSCI5O/

KT said...

We were talking about what I did in my spare [sic] time the other night and teenage step son suggested I get a hobby. I told him I have plenty of hobbies but he didn't seem to think being a rural firefighter; owning donkeys, chickens, cats and dogs; owning a small farm; or gardening were hobbies...