Friday, 19 July 2013

Three of the best:: Patterned Dresses

I'm bringing three of the best back! Why? Because I keep finding things online that - rather than me buying them, I figure I can share them, and have less debt. And you can buy them instead. Hoorah! 

This week it's printed dresses. More to the point, printed frocks you could wear in the office. I am a mad fan of the frock (no kidding huh? Frocktober anyone?!). The ease of getting out of bed, and tossing a frock over your head. No thinking required. It means getting from slumber to spreadsheets is a cinch! Et voila! 

I have a great shift from Sussan that I wear ALL. THE. TIME. I bought it because it's colourful, easy to throw on, and when I'm heading to work, I don't have to think too much. It's a great cut, it's colourful, and the print is mwah - so great. Which is why I really, really love this one. A nice floaty cut, an almost Ken Done like print, and I gotta say, I love that sleeve length, that hem length, it's all good - oh and the price? Hello floral dress.
Sussan Floral Dress $119.95

I've never met a shift dress I didn't like. And this one - well it combines the shift with Fair Isle knit print - and silk. AND it has pockets. I've never met a dress with pockets I didn't like, either. There's so many ways you can accessorise this dress - with all those beautiful colours, you can really go bananas. And the even better thing? It's currently on sale. 
Obus Fair Isle Silk Dress $165 (was $299)

There's so many possibilities with this frock - and I love, love, love navy. And the length. And the pattern. And PS - this is on sale too.
Karen Walker Peter Pan dress $63 (was $242)

Also check out these:

A really cute purple silk dress 
A ray of sunshine whenever you need 
I love stripes 
Diamonds are a girl's best friend
I really love this tile print tunic 
It's not a print, but I still love it
This reminds me of shibori. And clouds. Clouds are good

Next week... What shall I look for? 


katiecrackernuts said...

Love that Obus dress. Might have to investigate. Okay. Will investigate. Glad to see you're back and all refreshed from the holiday break. I am hanging out for a holiday but it won't happen until October. Gah!

Averil said...

I adore a print dress- I think I need that fair isle one

Erica @ recycled fashion said...

The Obus dress is divine!

kelly said...

Love that Obus dress - gosh it's nice!
I'd like suggestions on three of the best pairs of shoes to buy that would get me from home, to bike, to meeting, to bike, to home (repeat) - flat sturdy shoes that can take a bashing, but look ace at the same time. xx

Sam Stone said...

LOVE! I adore patterns and colours. I can't believe that monochrome is back in fashion at the moment, yikes!