Monday, 29 July 2013

What I've Been Doing

Have you been watching The Time Of Our Lives? This is my weekly sanity check. I am loving this series. SO much, and don't want it to end. The casting is superb, the storyline - spookily realistic, and beyond the storylines, the costuming is super fab too. 

Some may tussle with it, but I am into it. Like, really, really.

If you haven't watched it - check it out, it's great Australian drama (Sunday nights, ABC1, 8:30pm).
I pottered around the house for most of the weekend. Despite it sounding pretty boring, I might be proving that I am ageing by enjoying getting on top of all the washing, folding, and general boring jobs that need to be done around the house. This includes feeling totally triumphant that the kid's white school shirts - after a jolly good soak, came up super white. 

It was only after exclaiming to Matt how thrilled I was with the result that I realised some things are best kept to myself. 

Oops. I did it again.
I think I may also be daggily excited about the new Gmail, while maybe no one else feels the same way. But heck - it sorts out all my emails! HOORAH for Gmail. 
McDonald's are building a 24/7 store right across the road from a Kindergarten in Tecoma, Victoria and demolishing iconic buildings in the process. Go here to tell them to burger off and meet with the community of Tecoma ASAP. Please sign the petition to tell them what for. 
Why do I always feel hungry after eating a roast dinner? 

These are the big issues people. What's on the haps for you?


allyt said...

I never feel hungry after a roast, I'm loving to bits the time of our lives, I high five myself when the school shirts are clean and I secretly listen to classical music when I'm alone

katiecrackernuts said...

Hiya. A crisp white is something to be admired. ;) I have been enjoying the Time of Our Lives too but don't know about yesterday's episode. I felt it was a bit stilted and there were moments that just didn't ring true. It's a bit Days of our Lives in my household at the moment, so perhaps a little bit of cynicism clouding my judgement.

Mandy Mason said...

I am soooo in love with The Time Of our Lives, so realistic and an amazing cast! I look forward to it all week.

Averil said...

Loving the time of our lives- what a brilliant show.
I napisaned pale blue school shirts this week and the results were jolly good too!

Louisa said...

Loving 'The Time Of Our Lives' too - it's so relate-able! Hubs loves the way the men are portrayed as well - a break from the usual "men are morons" vibe we get on TV so often.

ClaireyHewitt said...

I happily tweeted my love for gmail and got crickets in return last week. So glad I am not the only person to do a happy dance over an email platform.

Cheekiechops said...

Love Time of our Lives

Laura said...

love Love LOVE The Time of Our Lives - its a must see in our house - super cast! Great storylines :)

You are not alone about feeling hungry after a roast dinner - I have hollow legs this week - unfortunately they are attached to the rest of my distinctly solid body :(

robyn said...

also loving - often forgetting T.o.o.Lives, but there is i-view at the best time... me-time. Loving and wincing at the separation.

Big news and happenings here is the purchase of the Breville... A whole remembered and NEW experience of molten cheese et al It hasn't yet earned it's blackened omni-present unwashable layer of cheecoal - for this I am grateful.

Roast dinner - lamb esp always leaves me greasy.

Bruisemouse said...

Also loving T O O L but I keep calling it Secret Life of Us! Sunday night sanity.