Friday, 26 July 2013

Three of The Best: Shoes That Take You Anywhere

You threw down the gauntlet, and I've taken it on! I am not the best shoe shopper. Let's be honest, my foot is the size of a hobbit's and I find shoe shopping to be about as happy an experience as having a tooth extracted. GOOD TIMES! But nevertheless, your wish is my command, so I've thrown together some ideas on shoe solutions for work, play, biking, walking, and above all - style and comfort. And I'm not talking Kumfs.

Let it be known, I love Lily Allen's style. Trainers and skirts - make me go mwah mwah mwah. Except on me, it looks like I'm Jerry Seinfeld's little sister. Nevertheless friends, you could look SO DARN CUTE and COOL! Me. Not so much.

Ecco Crisp:: These look cute, comfortable and the tan leather means they go with pretty much everything. Except that black latex catsuit. You'll have to find something else to go with that. These would work with pants and skirts (because, again, I love that look), and the rubber sole means you've got a bit of bounce and cushioning - perfect for walking, riding your bike - and above all robot dancing.
Hype DC Converse Marimekko $79.95:: You would be crazy not to love these Marimekko strawberries. And the designers must be crazy because THEY DIDN'T GO LARGER THAN A 10. ARRRGH! Fools! But heck, if you are blessed with a smaller hoof than I, get them. Get them now. These are uber cool.

Bared Footwear Puffin in Green $229:: Hellz to the yeah! I love a comfortable moccasin - when they're good, they're very good; when they're awesome - they are freaking awesome. These look like the perfect everyday shoe. These, my friends, are your ticket to fast times and supreme shoe envy. Your friends will get green eyes. Totes. 

Also check out these: 
These little Zomp turquoise cuties 
Love colour? Check out these rainbow-bright kicks
I've talked about these before. I'll talk about them again. I love these. It's unrequited though.

What's up next ladies? What do you want me to find?


MichaelaLRR said...

What a happy coincidence, I've wearing my green ikat Keds today. So comfy, so retina-searing. If those Marimekkos came in an 11, they would be on my feet so fast!

Bea Ryder said...

What's wrong with Kumfs?

bruce william said...

Perfect pairs of trainers so that they can take you from workday to weekend, plus a pair ... There is no such factor as one pair of trainers you'll put on in all places, the entire time.